Saturday, February 27, 2021

KLU student completes his first phase of flight training through Kingdom Aviation Dept.

Dane Devers, son of Stephanie Brokamp who has been a part of Kingdom Life University staff and support, completes his first phase of flight training through Kingdom Life University's flight department. Dane took his training at Zepherhills Airport. Kingdom Life University totally embraces and great use of aircraft in mission and career aviation. Dane plans to help supply that need for pilots requested today. Many mission agencies are crying for new young pilots as many of their veteran pilots are retiring at the required age of 65. Dane represents the great heart for aviation in todays expanding role of aircraft in missions and evangelism. Dr. Jerry Brandt himself has flown his own aircraft over the years in traveling across the USA and holding crusades. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Epic E1000 Fabulous Flight - Sun n' Fun

Sun n' Fun is always a highlight of my life each year. This year was over the top! I have been attending for 15 years and always find it exciting and interesting to see the new aircraft being developed in the private and home built sectors.  I have been tracking the exciting development of the Epic LT for 12 years. I was actually able to fly this beautiful Epic LT with take off and landing. It was amazing! Years ago I actually purchased a much smaller Pulsar XP kit and built it over 8 years. I sold it to the head of engineering at the University of Arkansas. It took me 8 full years to build, so I can understand the time it takes to develop and build a larger full business cabin class aircraft and then spend years taking it to certification.  Here is the Pulsar XP I built. 

My little 2 place Pulsar XP I built
Now lets look at the exciting Epic E1000.  This aircraft is designed to take 6 full sized adults with full fuel and baggage 1650 nautical miles at the astounding speed of 332 knotts at 32,000 feet of altitude.  This is truly a cross country dream aircraft!  We believe because of the call of God and the time left to take the message of the kingdom and the end time harvest across America, we need an aircraft that is cost effective and fast.  I have believed for several years now that this is the time and place for such an aircraft.  Watch the lively video below to check out my demo flight recently at Sun n' Fun airshow. 

Jerry's recent demo flight - at the controls!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kingdom Aviation - Serving the Kingdom of God

Kingdom Aviation is committed to serve the body of Christ & the kingdom of God through fast, effective kingdom flights. We believe the time is short for completing the harvest and maximum effectiveness is necessary to transport God's servants.  I personally have owned 5 aircraft over the 50 years of ministry.  Traveling these days has especially become more and more difficult through large airlines.  For example, there are approximately 250 major hubs where the airlines land in America. Plus the extensive long lines forming for security reasons. You can fly from Tampa to Atlanta in an Epic turboprop in the time in takes to check through a major airline terminal and board the plane at Tampa International. However, There are approximately 7,000 private airports that private aircraft can fly into. Almost every town and village in America has an accompanying airport. As Kingdom Life University expands, we can fly into almost any place that wants to set up a remote campus and hold graduations.  I know and have experienced the reality of massive time and energy savings with a private aircraft. What is the best aircraft to use?  I believe it is the new Epic E1000.  Here is a plane that is a turboprop, yet travels the speed of jets.  It also operates on 

fraction of the cost of a pure jet. One of the great savings is it can be a single pilot operation. I have been following the development and certification of this beautiful aircraft. Modern technology has given us an airplane that is fully composite, light weight, yet stronger than a full metal aircraft. We are believing that God is going to supply us this aircraft for our future expansion of Kingdom Life University and Action Evangelism across America.  We will also make it available to other kingdom ministries as a service to our Lord. 

Action Evangelism is a 501 C 3 not for profit